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E-Commerce Applications


E-Commerce Applications

Internet is the best mode of interaction between businessmen and customers in present times.

Buying & selling of products through the mode of websites is popular due to various advance technology oriented concepts. Online business is growing rapidly through various software that help customers to ease the work of buying & selling activities. There are many mechanisms are working in the field of online business like:

  •   Shopping cart software
  •   Online e-telephony

“Shopping cart software” is the mode of online presentation of products for sale. Shopping cart software provides visualization of products to choose, online payment facility, joint selection of products in form of list, etc. Shopping cart software is the easiest way of doing shopping online by selecting all the goods in the cart and pay once for all selected items.

There are many features provided by
this software like:

Credit card

Easy navigation system for the customers

Customer account

Order management

Web based administration facility

Flexible shipping &
tax options

Built-in site
optimization tools

Inventory management